Our Story


Hi, and welcome to our little corner!  We hope you stay for a bit, and enjoy some of our story.

About Us

There is a place on Georgian Bay called Cawaja Beach.  On the shores of this rugged, beautiful piece of Canadian landscape, four generations of our family have been creating memories for over sixty years.  Cawaja Shores is about life on The Bay.  

Life on The Bay revolves around the four distinct Canadian seasons: skiing in winter, swimming and boating in summer, soggy walks on the newly exposed beach in spring, and the bounty and beauty of autumn.  Much to love.

Fully capturing life on The Bay involves all of the senses.  One constant on it’s shores is homemade meals.  Food is always present … large family meals at the harvest table, annual traditions, meals eaten indoors, meals eaten outdoors, and the changing of the table with the seasons.  And dogs; always dogs.

I’ve been cobbling together “Cawaja Cooks”, a cookbook for family and friends which includes favourite family recipes both old and new.  It’s a work in progress, so please be patient!  Meanwhile, recipes will be shared here so everyone doesn’t have to wait.

Thank you for stopping by; please take some time, have a look around, and feel free to leave your comments or questions.



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