A Chill in the Air


Saturday Morning Frost

This weekend has brought a chill along with it.  We woke up with frost on the grass and windows.  I think it makes things feel more like Christmas.  Now all we need is snow.

Since a couple of us have had the sniffles, it seemed like the perfect weekend for comforting French onion soup.  A village near my hometown on The Bay is French Canadian: and the most delicious food comes from the kitchens in that nook of the world.

A local grocer in our town always has beautiful, fresh produce, and never fails to provide special ingredients.  This time, I went in search of onions, duck fat, and a special French cheese for our soup.  The proprietor made sure to remind me that “fat is where the flavour comes from”!


Theo would agree.  He found it difficult to leave the stove while the duck fat was slowly transforming the onions into lovely aromatic bites of goodness.

There are few things more inviting and comforting than the smell of soup warming the home for an afternoon.


Everyone loved the nourishing soup.  And, it tasted even better the next day.  Family taste test success; all agree that French onion soup makes it into the pages of Cawaja Cooks.



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